Flatten your WordPress learning curve.

Learn how to create a WordPress website, optimise your website to be found by your customers, run a side hustle efficiently and pick up profitable marketing & design insight during our highly rated WordPress training in Perth.

We won't just show you how to do things, but why, so you can be fully capable of making the right choices. And why do we offer so much for so little? Because you're worth it.

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One-on-One Session

So you can feel free to expose all your WordPress issues with no judgment, and so we can give you the tools and confidence to laser burn them all.

2 Hours

The first hour is free & will include the stickiest introduction to the WordPress dashboard. Then, we'll silence your specific WordPress pain points like SEO.

Hands-On Format

Our acclaimed hands-on format will help you approach WordPress with more confidence, and perform tasks you didn't think you could do before.

Free Consulting

Each class comes with a free consultation email, so we can help you put to rest any issue you could face in your own time, for FREE.

Do any of these describe you?

We've been trusted by multiple local businesses to provide personalised WordPress Training in Perth.

What To Expect

Your class is 2 hours long. While the first will touch on a number of fundamental things to know about WordPress, others before you have used the remainder of the session to learn how to blog efficiently, optimise their own SEO efforts, improve their online stores and more. But that's not all...

Design & Marketing Insight

Free In-Class Image Edits

Free Consultation Email

Free Online Tools Suggestions

Free Treats in-Class

And more...


You have a great approach at
teaching this to novices!

--E. Storey


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