20 Things you could learn during Your WordPress Course in Perth

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WordPress Course Perth


Choosing and Setting up The Right Hosting

Why some hosting packages are better than others. The importance of server locations. Finding good hosting on a budget. How to create forwarding emails, etc.


Setting up WordPress For the First Time

Locating your Cpanel. How to install WordPress under a minute. Setting up your site name, permalink structure, homepage, blog, footer content, logo and more.


Introduction To Your Admin Dashboard

Locating your admin login page. Setting up dashboard preferences. Understanding your dashboard menu items. Editing your view, finding quick links.


How To Work With WordPress Themes

Where to find reliable themes. How to install a WordPress theme and upload demo content. How to edit your theme colours, typography and more.


Widgets. What are they exactly?

Every session in this WordPress Course includes an introduction to widgets. Where to find and edit them. If a widget seems hidden, how do you still edit it?


Plugins: Make Your Site Do Almost Anything

Intro, pros and cons. Finding and installing the right plugin for the situation. How to update. What to do if a plugin breaks your website. How to fix plugin conflicts.


Working With Your Media Library

How to add content to your library. Naming, organising and finding your files. Automatically compress images for a faster website. Add media files to posts.


Connecting Your Email Newsletter To Your Site

We’ll focus on Mailchimp. How to setup newsletter forms. How to automatically deliver emails to your subscribers. What’s a list, lead magnet, API connection, etc.


How To Use The Divi Page Builder

Introduction to the Divi interface. How to edit your WordPress theme using Divi. How to create new pages. Making content invisible on certain devices.


Create Stunning Content With The Elementor Page Builder

Introduction to the Elementor interface. How to create new content. How to edit page settings. Pro vs Free Elementor. Using Elementor templates.


Introduction to The Thrive Architect Page Builder

How to setup Thrive architect. Accessing your Thrive dashboard. Adding and editing content. Finding and using templates. Setting up margins and padding.


How To Use The Bakery Page Builder

The best way to start designing any new page in Bakery builder. Intro to the Bakery dashboard elements. Front End vs Backend view. Editing backgrounds. Etc.
WordPress Training Perth


All You Need To Know About Contact Forms

Contact form anatomy. Quick intro to different form builders. How to insert forms on your pages and sidebars. Creating intelligent forms. Reducing spam submissions.


How To Create A Blog Post People Will Love

The whole process. Starting with how to spy on your readers to deliver exactly what they want to read. Plus, Make your blog posts easy to find by search engines.


Introduction To Pages And Posts

What they have in common and how they differ. How they are organised. How to create and edit both. Adding media to your pages. Using shortcodes in your content.


SEO Secrets For Aspiring Big Earners

SEO’s 3 main components. Optimising your website’s structure, performance and content. Intro to backlinking, keywords and metas. SEO best practises.


Woocommerce: How To Set Up An Online Store

What you need to create an online store. Using Woocommerce to assign prices, discounts, vouchers, subscriptions and more. How to optimise your store for more sales.


Landing Pages: Intro and Best Practises

Anatomy of a landing page that works. Importance of headlines, copy and AB testing. What’s a Call to Action and how to add one. Page templates and swipe files.


Google Analytics For Beginners

Why Google analytics. How to register. Installing an analytics dashboard on your website. How to use analytics reports to improve your website.


Working With Images in WordPress

Understanding the difference between jpeg and png files. Why file sizes matter. Importing images from external sources. Finding and editing stunning images at no cost.

And a lot more.

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