Speed Up Your Wordpress Website

Use These 10 Tactics To Easily Speed Up Your WordPress Website

In the digital world, speed reigns supreme. A quick-loading website translates to satisfied visitors, higher search engine rankings, and better conversions.

How To Tell if A Website Is Using Wordpress - Built in wordpress finder

9 Easy Ways To Tell If A Website is Using WordPress

If a competitor’s website ever makes you gasp in admiration or envy, you’ll have to be able to tell if a website is using WordPress to copy it. Here’s how.

How To Install A Wordpress Plugin - Wordpress training perth

How To Install A WordPress Plugin: 2 Easy Methods

As a beginner who doesn’t know how to code, it is important that you learn how to install a WordPress plugin. Here are 2 ways to do it.

How to add a click to call button in wordpress blog header

How to Add a Click to Call Button in WordPress: 2 Simple Ways

A click to call button in Wordpress or tap to call button allows mobile device users to call to your business without manually dialling in your number.

How to uninstall a wordpress plugin in Cpanel

How To Uninstall a WordPress Plugin Through Your Dashboard or Cpanel

Unless you’re the luckiest person alive, you will eventually need to know how to uninstall a WordPress plugin. Here is how to do it with and without access to your dashboard.

How to add code to your website header and footer - WP Tutor

How To Add Code To Your Website Header and Footer

To get more out of your website, most tracking services will ask you to add code to your website header and footer. The easiest way to do it in WordPress is the following.

How to create an SEO Friendly blog post - WP Tutor

The Simplest Way To Create SEO Friendly Blog Posts (Step-by-Step)

To create SEO friendly blog posts, your content needs to be useful and accessible. That’s a given. But to help search engines recognise it as such, do this.

Where to find the best free photos for your website or blog - Wordpress Training Perth

14 Places To Uncover The Best Free Photos For Your Website

Uncover the sources for the best free photos for your website or blog, so people don’t skip the content you’ve put so much effort in writing. Perception my friend, is reality.

Wordpress Launch Checklist header

Before You Go Live: WordPress Launch Checklist

A WordPress Launch Checklist will help you avoid many disasters and lacklustre performances when your new website goes live. To be safe, make sure you tick everything in this list.