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How to Add a Click to Call Button in WordPress: 2 Simple Ways

A click to call button or tap to call button allows mobile device users to call to your business without having to manually dial in your number. As online competition increases, it is important that you adopt practises that make your customers’ life easier. One of these is learning how to add a click to call button in WordPress, so that your prospects can easily call you from your menu, sidebars or service pages. 

There are 2 ways to add a click to call button in WordPress:

  1. Manually
  2. Using a plugin

1. How To Create a Click to Call Button in WordPress Using Html 

  1. Copy the link below.
  2. Paste it within your page, menu or Custom HTML widget.
  3. Replace the phone number provided with yours.
  4. Click save or publish.

<a href=”tel://+61412345678″>Call Now</a>

If you want your users to click on an image to launch a call or wish to add a clickable icon next to your clickable phone number, follow these steps:

  1. Copy the link below.
  2. Paste it in your page or Custom HTML widget, replace the phone number with yours, then save.
  3. Click on Media in your admin dashboard
  4. Locate and click on the image you wish to use
  5. Copy its link/URL address
  6. Go back to the page or widget where you wish to add your clickable image
  7. Locate the code you previously created and replace “PasteYourLinkHere” with your image URL. 
  8. Save or publish.

<a href=”tel://+61412345678″><img src=“PasteYourLinkHere“ alt=”Call Now”/></a>

Mac users will be prompted to use FaceTime when they click on the link above. To give your users the ability to call via Skype, it is possible to create a Skype call-to button.

How To Create a Skype Call-To Button using Html

  1. Copy the link below.
  2. Paste it within your page, menu or widget.
  3. Replace the phone number provided with yours.
  4. Click save or publish.

<a href=”callto://+61412345678″>Call Now</a>

While giving your desktop users the ability to call, the link above gives your mobile users the option to choose between regular and Skype calls. Now, what if I told you there’s a way to skip the choice and force devices to place a Skype call?

To enforce a Skype call using a tap-to-call button, copy the link below, paste it where appropriate and replace the phone number provided with yours. The difference between this link and the one provided above is the ?call ending, which is responsible for enforcing the call.

<a href=”skype:+61412345678?call”>Call Now</a>

How To Create a Link to Call a Skype Username

If you want customers call your Skype account instead of your office phone number, replace the username below with your company’s Skype username and paste the link where appropriate.

<a href=”skype:username?call”>Call Now</a>

How To Create Skype Voicemail Link in WordPress

Same process as before. Replace the username below with yours and paste the link in your page or widget. 

<a href=”skype:username?voicemail”>Leave Us a Skype Voicemail</a>

2. How to Add a Click to Call Button in WordPress Using a Plugin

Call Now Button tutorial - WP Tutor

If you do not want to tinker with HTML code, you can use a plugin called Call Now Button to create your click to call buttons. The plugin is free and gives you the option to display a call button to mobile visitors only, in various locations of your website.

This plugin works on responsive websites only, which means websites with themes that are optimised for mobile use. Here’s how to install:

  1. Click on Plugins in your WordPress admin dashboard
  2. Click on “Add New” at the top of your plugins page.
  3. Search for “Call Now Button” by Jerry Rietveld
  4. Click on “Install Now”, then “Activate”.
  5. In your WordPress admin dashboard, hover on “Settings” then click on “Call Now Button”
  6. Check the box to activate your button, enter your phone number, and select your button colour.
  7. Save.
Tap to call button WordPress

It is possible to further optimise this button to your liking. For example, you can decide on which pages to display your call button, how to display it (across the bottom of your mobile or in the corner)  and even activate Google Analytics tracking to monitor your calls. 

Tap to call button screenshot

It is a beautifully simple solution. 

3. Conclusion

To add a tap to call button to your WordPress website, you can either do so by using an HTML link or by installing the Call Now Button plugin. While there are many other plugins that can be used, this one is one of the simplest to use. 

If you need help in setting this up, we can show you how to during one of our one-on-one WordPress training sessions. Click here to book your session, learn more about the sessions or enquire about our availabilities.