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9 Easy Ways To Tell If A Website is Using WordPress

One day you’ll have to be able to tell if a website is using WordPress, because you’ll either come across a theme that makes you gasp in admiration or a competitor’s website that leaves you questioning your life choices. We all get there.

The good news is that after I show you how to find out if a website is running on WordPress and what plugins it is using, you too will be able not just to understand your competition, but also lift your site onto the mountain of websites to be admired.

Let’s break these methods into 3 categories:

I. Using a online inspection tool
II. Using a browser extension
III. Manually inspecting the website


I. By Using An Online Inspection Tool


1. Wappalyzer

Wappalyzer is usable as an online inspection tool or browser extension. To use its web version, simply visit their website, scroll to the search bar and type in the URL of the website you wish to inspect.
How To Tell If A Website is Using WordPress

How it works
  • If you can see the WordPress logo in your results list, then the site you’re exploring is using WordPress.
  • If absent, then it’s not using WordPress.

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Since Wappalyzer detects more than just the CMS in use, it will also display the other technologies in use on the website being inspected. If you’re curious about what each is, simply click on one to learn more.


2. IsItWP

This free tool will help you identify and understand what plugins a website is using, in addition to revealing the theme in use and whether WordPress is the CMS in use or not.
how to find out if a website is running on WordPress

How it works
  • If the site you’re investigating uses WordPress, the first part of the results will show you what theme is in use.
  • In the second part of the results, you will see which theme is in use, as well as which plugins, with a quick explanation in each case of how each plugin works.
  • how to find out if a website is running on WordPress


    3. Whatwpthemeisthat

    Super simple tool. Visit the website, put in the URL of the website you wish to examine and let the website do the rest.
    9 Ways To Tell If A Website is Using WordPress

    How it works

    If the website being examined uses WordPress, the results page will display information about the theme and plugins used. If however WordPress is not in use, you will see an error message.


    4. BuiltWith

    This website is the swiss knife on this list. To understand everything that it allows you to do, please read more when you visit it. As far as WordPress detection goes, here is what you should do.

    • Visit (insert URL here)
    • Type in the URL of the site you wish to examine in the search bar
    • Click “Lookup”
    • Find-if-a-website-is-using-wordpress

      How it works

      Scroll down the “Content Management System” box to check for the presence or absence of “WordPress”.
      To get more information on any tool, like the list of websites currently using it, or their average tech spend, simply click on said tool.


      II. By Using A Chrome Browser Extension


      5. Wappalyzer

      How to install

      • Visit the Google Chrome webstore
      • Search Wappalyzer and finalise the installation

        How it works

        Once installed in your chrome extensions tab, the Wappalyzer extension will automatically display the logo of the CMS in use when you visit any website. Alternatively, visit a website, click on the Wappalyzer button and look for “WordPress” under the “CMS” section.
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        To find out what technologies and plugins are in use on the website you’re visiting, click on the Wappalyzer button in your extensions tab. It will open a popup with information about the tools in use.
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        6. BuiltWith

        How to install

        • Visit the Google Chrome webstore
        • Search BuiltWith and finalise the installation
        • OR, visit the BuiltWith website. In the header menu, follow this path: tools > browser extensions > Google Chrome > Add to Chrome

          How it works
          • To tell if a website is using WordPress, visit a website of your choice.
          • Click on the BuilthWith icon in the extensions tab
          • Within the first tab (“Technologies”), scroll down to the “Content Management System” section
          • If WordPress is in use, it will be indicated in the results. If not, it won’t.
          • For more information on the website, navigate between the various tabs available.
          • Find Out If A Website is Running On WordPress


            III. By Manually Inspecting the Website


            7. Inspect the website’s source code

            • Visit the website you wish to analyse
            • On any blank part of the page, right click, then click on “view page source”
            • Once the source code is revealed, on your keyboard, key in “command”+”F”. A search bar will appear.
            • In the search bar, type “wp-content”
            • If your results suggest that any asset is loaded from wp-content, then the website you are looking at is built in WordPress.
            • Find Out If A Website is Running On WordPress


              8. Try opening common WordPress URLs

              Most WordPress websites use a common naming system for administrative pages. Since it is possible for the site’s owner to hide these pages or change their naming, the solution below is not failproof.

              How it works
              • Visit the website you wish to analyse.
              • At the end of its url, add this: /wp-admin
              • If a login page appears, then the website you’re analysing is built on WordPress.
              • If it doesn’t, then either this website is not using WordPress, or the admin logon page has been moved to a different address.

                9. Check the Website’s Footer For a WordPress Mention

                Many new WordPress websites come with a “Powered by WordPress” mention in their footer. That said, it’s incredibly common for WordPress website owners to replace the WordPress mention in their footers with their own copyright. That’s why this method is not perfect.

                How it works
                • Scroll to the footer of the website you wish to analyse.
                • If you see “Powered by WordPress”, then the website before you was built in WordPress.
                • If you don’t see the credit above, use any of the other methods on this page to complete your investigation.
                  Find Out If A Website is Running On WordPress



                  There are 3 main ways to investigate the CMS in use on any website.

                  • By using an online inspection tool
                  • By using a browser extension
                  • By manually analysing the website
                    A combined use of the methods described above will give you your most definite answer. If there’s something you’d like to learn how to implement at the end of your inspection, consider attending a one-on-one WordPress training session with us. The sessions are customised to your specific needs and can be run in your own home or office, in our office in Perth, or online. Please contact us to find out more.