Time Savers

Wordpress Toolbox For Beginners

Tip The Scale In Your Favour And Reduce Uncertainty When You Use These Juicy Time Savers.

A heavy gun is a no-no when you cross the WordPress river. When you hold on to too many solutions to the same problems, you run the risk of sinking before you’ve even started.

To build your website on time, be able to announce it to the world and not get hounded for how poorly it works, take this bag of juicy WordPress resources and run. Until you’ve reached satisfaction with the minimum viable version of your site, stop for nothing. Iterations can always happen later.

Website Hosting

  • Siteground – Their basic hosting package comes with free Cloudflare CDN (to speed up your website & hence positively affect SEO) and free SSL (to allow secure financial transactions on your website). And much more. This is currently the only host I recommend.

WordPress Premium Themes

  • StudioPress – You can buy each child theme with the Genesis framework in one package, or pay once to download their entire theme collection. WordPresstutor is built on the Genesis framework.
  • ElegantThemes – Owners of the popular Divi framework. They also have a lifetime deal that gives you access to all their themes and plugins.
  • Themeforest – Probably the biggest marketplace for premium WordPress themes. Here you can find themes that do not require you to install any of the frameworks above.

We explained the benefits of premium themes over free themes in this article. There are 2 ways to go about using premium themes:

  1. Install a theme framework -> then a child theme and demo content
  2. Or install a parent theme -> then demo content (convenient, but not without risk)

Form Builders

  • Ninja Forms – Fully responsive form builder, simple interface, easy to learn,  great for beginners and professional users.
  • Contact Form 7 – Most popular
  • WP Forms – One of the simplest yet complete form builders on the market, with extensive help documentation and extensions support. Comes in free and paid versions. Read its full features here.
  • FormCraft Builder – Super easy drag and drop builder,  comes with its own analytics, allows the creation of multistage forms. You can use its mathematical formulas to create paid booking forms and more. With this builder, your visitors can auto-save their forms to complete later. Test-drive the builder on their website. Paid version available here.
  • WeForms – Drag and drop form builder, comes with 25+ pre-built templates. Allows multi-step forms, conditional logic and SMS notification after each submission. See the full features here.


  • WP Rocket – This plugin will help your website load fast. Very fast. Speed is an advantage when you seek to rank higher in search engines.

Page Builders

  • Elementor –  Without a doubt, the most robust page builder out there as we write this. It is also easy to understand, easy to learn, intuitive, drag and drop, fast, responsive,  comes with an extensive library of stunning page templates and blocks. With its form builder and more, Elementor will help you build your website with a minimum requirement for extra plugins. Its support community is large and active, and we recommend you consider the paid version to enjoy the fullness of its power.
  • Thrive Architect – Excellent for marketing and business websites, with its plethora of conversion elements. If you’re unsure how to design your pages, you can choose from the many landing page templates, product pages, webinar pages and more. Although it doesn’t have a free version, its cheapest single site license is a one-time $67 fee.
  • WP Bakery Builder – Once you learn how to use WP Bakery builder, you’ll be able to create pages with your eyes closed. Its front-end builder is intuitive and its back-end builder is an absolute breeze. Since this plugin works with most WordPress themes, its not surprise that it is one of the most prevalent builders among Themeforest themes.
  • Divi Builder – There’s a reason why many people swear by this drag-and-drop builder and its string of beautiful pre-built page templates. Although I have no problem taking advantage of its extensive list of features, I have to admit that after working with various students at different expertise levels, I have come to the conclusion that Divi is not the easiest page builder to master. So if you want a page builder that can do a lot but do not mind taking the time to learn how to use it, go for Divi. Otherwise, any of the builders above can do the trick.
  • King Composer – This one is a surprising wild card. I didn’t expect much from King Composer the first time I used it, but was wildly surprised by how easy it was to use, how MUCH elements I could add to my pages using this, how clean its interface looked and how fast it was. Its back-end builder (FREE) is so intuitive, I wish the other builders copied them. If you want to use its front-end builder instead, you’ll have to pay a tiny fee. And last but not least, uninstalling King Composer does not wreck the pages you built with it.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

  • YOAST SEO – YOAST helps you optimise your pages and posts so they can rank for specific keywords on search engines. Change your post slugs, SEO titles and improve your posts’s readability with this analytic tool.
  • TextMetrics – This intelligent plugin generates suggestions to help you optimise your copy(text) so you can resonate with your audience and improve your conversion rates. It comes with a keyword analysis tool and exists in a free and paid version.

Please note that some of the links on this list are affiliate links to products we have used or currently use. This means that while they come at zero additional cost to you, we will receive a minor incentive. Unless you feel that you need these or that they will help you achieve your goals, please do not spend any money on them.