Your 1-on-1 WordPress Training Will Run For 2 Hours.

We'll use the first hour to make WordPress less intimidating and the second hour to solve specific issues your site may have. Since it's hand's on and comes with a free consultation you'll remember a lot.

Wordpress Training

Who's the WordPress Training for?




A Sticky Introduction to WordPress:

The dashboard, the commonly used words, pages vs posts, widgets, theme settings, how to correct your own mistakes and more.

We begin the class by demystifying WordPress so you can easily follow everything that will happen in the second part of the class.

We'll Address Specific WordPress Issues of Yours:

How to install WP, perform Woocommerce fixes, optimise your blog posts, find SEO Keywords, finish your website and much more.

Using the skills acquired during the first hour of your WordPress Training, we will show you how to fix the specific issues that may have got you looking for WordPress Training in the first place. These could range from performing a few fixes on your homepage, to setting up contact forms and more. You decide what you wish to learn during this part of the class and we’ll oblige.

Our classes are flexible and adaptable to suit your individual need. That is why prior to your session, we will invite you to tell us what you'd like to cover.

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Please Bring
Your Laptop,

Or use one of ours.

Either way, your class will be hands on. And if you don't yet own a website, we will use a temporary website to run your WordPress tutoring session. You will make changes to this website and see them come to life. Please contact us if you need to run the class on your personal website but do not yet own one.

WordPress Training Perth - Wordpress tutor
There is a $50 drive out fee.

And Expect
These Too.

Marketing & Design Insight

Your website is an incredible marketing tool. Tell you more in class.

Free In-Class Image Edits

We'll help you choose and resize high conversion images.

Free Consultation Email

After the class, email us any question you may still have.

Free Plugins Tips

After teaching so much, we think we know the plugins you'll need.

Free Treats in-Class

Mid class, we'll refuel your enthusiasm with a delicious tray.

And more...

Expect the occasional surprise. Ask the others, they'll tell you it's true!

"You took me from being totally overwhelmed by WordPress to feeling confident enough to build my own site." -S. Burley
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12 Things You Could Learn During Your WordPress Training

1- What are the must-haves in a website that reels customers in
2- How to increase the speed of your website & rank higher in Google search
3- Setting up variable shipping rates in Woocommerce
4- How to create SEO optimised pages and blog posts
5- Changing your product photos in Woocommerce
6- Editing your menus, footers and sidebars
7- How to analyse your competition's SEO efforts
8- How to submit your sitemap to Google Search
9- How to install a WordPress plugin
10- How to kick spam off your contact forms
11- How to change the way your slides look on mobile
12- How to find free, stunning images for your WordPress website

And much more!

Learn. Grow. Earn.

Tip the scale in your favour with the WordPress training your competition didn't get.

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