Class Pricing

For classes held at your office or home, there is a $50 drive out fee. Simple and predictable pricing. To determine which package best suits you, please take a look below.

In our office or yours
2 Hours
Free Consultation Email
Reserve Your Spot
For couples, teams & business partners
Class Size: Up to 3
2 Hours
Free Consultation Email
Reserve Your Spot
Multi-Sessions Bundle
Book multiple sessions in advance
/Bulk price
2 hours / session
Free Consultation Email
More about the 3-Sessions Bundle:

*1 free hour of web design work: Within this hour, we will offer help with most types of issues within your WordPress dashboard. To take advantage of these, simply send us the details about your WordPress issue after any of your 3 sessions. We’ve used these hours to help others like you optimise their sales page, pricing page, find a list of plugins to use, complete a landing page, or even add alt tags (for SEO) to images.

The type of work for these 2 free design hours excludes work within your c-panel and database, as well as code editing or injection.

Frequently Asked Questions

When do I pay?

Once you’ve submitted your booking request, we will contact you to confirm availability of your preferred day and time. If available, you will be prompted to make a payment to confirm your booking.

How many people will attend the class?

If you’ve paid for a one-on-one session, you’ll be the only student in your class. For group sessions, we accept no more than 3 students per class.

Do I need to own a website to come?

No. Although it’s preferable. If you do not own a website or laptop, we will run the class using a temporary website and our own computer. It will still be hands on and you will still learn a lot.

What happens during a typical 2 hour class?

1st Hour: We show you around the WordPress dashboard and introduce you to the basic jargon, so you can become familiar with the tools we will use during the second and third hours of the class and beyond, when you will be working on your own.

2nd Hour: We address your individual WordPress pain points. Others before you have used these to improve their online store, fix some SEO issues, learn how to post blogs, learn how to do keyword research and analysis, and more. You’ll have the liberty to choose what you want us to cover during this 2nd and 3rd hour.

Is this a typical classroom environment where we just talk, talk and talk?

Yikes, No. Your class will be very practical. Whether you come with your laptop or use ours, it’s your fingers that will navigate around the WordPress dashboard. The more you practise during the class, the more you will remember when you’re back on your own. So yes we talk, but we mostly DO.

Got More Questions About Our Pricing Packages?

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